It’s Red Nose Day tomorrow (is it, so soon, can the end of winter be far off now) and staff at time capture specialists rekoop might struggle to complete their own timesheets on Friday as how do you possibly assign ‘Rowing across the English Channel wearing red noses?’

But that’s what a team of six will be doing to raise money for Comic Relief – although it has to be said that they have no intention of leaving the warmth of a Manchester gym*, opting instead to row the distance of the channel from the relative comfort of a rowing machine.

Chief executive Phil Wedgwood, who will be joining five of his colleagues for the non-stop 21-mile stroke-fest, stuck his oar in when the idea of a fund-raising effort was first mooted, and suggested the Dover to Calais crossing. “It could have been the 36 miles of the Manchester Ship Canal but based on our collective fitness levels, we reckoned that was about 15 miles too far!”

If you’d like to support the red nose rowers, you can visit rekoop’s sponsorship page at

* Given the weather in the English Channel at the moment, it’s a good job rekoop are opting for a virtual outing as otherwise they’d risk a red-face day having to be rescued from the sea by a lifeboat.