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Riverview selects Peppermint

Peppermint Technology is pleased to announce that Riverview Law, the trading name of LawVest, is using the Peppermint Legal Service Platform as its core end-to-end technology system. Karl Chapman, CEO of Riverview Law, said “Technology plays a huge role in providing a winning customer experience. We were looking for an end-to-end solution and the Peppermint Platform provides us with this. We’ve developed a strong partnership with the Peppermint team and it’s a real example of two inventive companies working together to provide innovative solutions to customers.”

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Not a bad customer to get under your belt.
This can't be too much of a surprise to people, One look at the profile of people in the peppermint organisation on linkedin shows they have assembled an experienced team with limitless industry background coupled with major experience from other verticals whom can go pound for pound easily with any of the so called heavy weights.
Couple that with the luxury of having a development function headed up by the gregarious rich Mephan that comes with a reputation of rarely failing to deliver. A luxury little afforded to most development functions.
Arlene Adams, rich Mephan, and the rest of peppermint, take a bow as you delivered what everyone else said was impossible.
There will be a lot of senior people at the the other vendors choking on there coffee this morning as the realisation sinks in that their current systems have just become an endangered species …

I really do think that it's about time someone spelt out exactly what Peppermint does – is it a CRM or something more? A 'platform' sounds very grand, but will it raise bills and process accounts too?

So Peppermint has teed-off.
With this being the DLA backed ABS, one has to assume there was a credible level of due diligence. Maybe Peppermint really is the one to watch in the post LSA world?
Interesting times.

Lifted from the Peppermint Website:
“Our Legal Service Platform is designed to transform every person, process and tool in your business into a pro-active client service agent. Our Platform connects together, in one system, all the applications and data a legal provider requires to operate their business and uniquely places the client record at the centre.”
If I was a legal provider, I would assume it provides everything required to operate my business and not just a stock CRM system. If Riverview are using it as an end to end solution like they say, I would assume it lives up to its marketing.

“I would assume” – If I was a legal provider's Head of IT or Finance, I would deserve to be history very quickly if I were really that gullible. See it, touch it, test it before you buy it. Riverview are using nothing right now – all they did was sign a press release and (maybe) a contract.

Of course, but the question asked for someone to spell it out, not validate their claim. You picked out “I would assume” as if I attached a “buy it now” button. If you now want the claim validated then the next logical step would be to make contact with Peppermint, I'm sure they would be delighted to let you see see, touch, test it. They might even supply the coffee, biscuits and a custom experience which would be far more enjoyable for the less gullible head than reading this thread. Just to clarify, I am not a senior employee of Peppermint, I simply clarified the query of whether the platform was a focused CRM or something more (which it seems to be).

Well I hate to be the one to bring bad news to those of you who hoped Peppermint was just an illusion. Following a deployment and roll-out over some months I can happily confirm exactly what the press release says; Riverview are using the Peppermint Legal Service Platform to run their business end-to-end. This includes, inter-alia, client facing portals, workflow, content AND the full set of financials.
I know this sort of blows smoke up your gullible theory, but sorry.

Perhaps you missed all the press coverage last week concerning the LawVest launch of Riverview Law? If so, let me update you – Riverview Law went live and operational with their legal service offering on Monday 20th February – using the Peppermint Platform. So they have seen it, touched it and, in fact, tested the Platform thoroughly in the weeks preceding their launch.
Please be clear of the facts before making such statements. If you want to know more about the Peppermint Platform we have a 3 minute video tour on the website which you may find useful.
Barbara Millett, Marketing Manager, Peppermint Technology.

Yeah i think you might be on to something, nothing to see here, it's not like the press release says they are using it
Oh no wait, it does.
Eats humble pie

Clever, clever marketing! Get some of your employees to post anonymous questions about your product, then “answer” with a variety of sales pitches.
Peppermint have spent so much on their sales and marketing team, I suppose we should expect nothing less. The customker will just ahve to hope they've spent as much on the development guys!
Get real. It's a new product: there will be lots of teething problems and some time down the road it may or may not deliver. Time will tell. Who's next to believe their spiel?

We've outgrown our offices twice since I started to make room for more of those ugly developers as production increased. We even made room for testers! but they aren't ugly, just pedantic.

Be interesting to learn just how heavyweight the system is. Is it aimed at the mid tier market or can it take on aderant and elite 3e ? As an elite enterprise user faced with a move to 3e is it worth a look Mr Thorpe? We are a >200 fee earner firm with with offices around the globe.

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