Who are we?

We’re tech start up putting together our rock star team.

We have created cutting edge technology for the most conservative, tech-averse sector in the world, legal. They hate technology but they love our product. They want more of it. So we’re building a brave, passionate, uber-creative team to put our app in the pocket of every lawyer in the world, all 15 million of them.

What stage are we at?

The product is built. It needs tweaked, and polished and probably tweaked some more.

We have anchor clients throughout the UK and Ireland – some of them are even famous, yep, famous. No, we’re not telling you who.

We have started exploring the huge legal market on the West Coast, with a view to launching there next.

We have strong, experienced, interested investors who believe in the vision of the company.

There are two Co-Founders.

Orlagh is from the legal industry with a successful barrister practice of 12 years behind her.

Darren is a serial entrepreneur with 3 successful tech exits behind him, and probably more than a few in front of him. He helps Richard Branson with Virgin Start Ups, yep – he’s a rock star founder.

What do we want from you?

We need a CTO who can turn their hand to anything. Educated, experienced and passionate about tech and getting a product to market, but able to understand customers who think Apple is something you put in a pie.

What’s in it for you?

Not oodles of money, nor business class travel nor a fancy office, that’s for sure!

Not yet anyway…

We want you to come work along side us for the pittance that we work for. We expect you to eat sleep and dream the product. Like we do.

We WILL pay you a salary of course, just not what a big fancy rich corporation would offer you. Think £25 – £45k.

We will also give you stock in our company. You will be Employee Number 1. So when we sell the company, all your hard work will be rewarded. When we’re successful, you’ll be successful. We’ll be in it together.

Of course all of the other wonderful things about working in a Start Up shall be yours too – learning about starting and growing a business, being part of the start up eco-system, working with smart ambitious people, a daily ride on an emotional roller coaster.

Please apply here http://briefed.workable.com/ or email hello@briefed.pro