Roger Jackson, Managing Director of Cognito Software has been appointed as the new Chair of the Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA), the UK industry body for legal systems developers and vendors. Jackson takes over from Ian Wimbush of Peapod Legal Office who has served as the Association’s chair for the past three years.

“As the new Chair of the LSSA, I thank Ian Wimbush for his visionary stewardship of the organisation. I look forward to developing the relationships built with HM Land Registry, the Legal Aid Agency, the Law Society, and others,” says Jackson. “We need constructive dialogue with these organisations to keep the legal software market current. The LSSA helps law firms implement advances in technology and to successfully implement the impact of new legislation, such as the changes in Legal Aid.”

Dominic Cullis, MD of Easy Convey takes up the role as Vice Chair, and Phil Snee, Development Director at Linetime, continues as Treasurer.

The LSSA is responsible for setting and maintaining professional standards within the legal software industry, and also manages areas of mutual interest between lawyers and software providers.  The LSSA also has links with a number of legislative bodies – including the Land Registry, HMRC, The Law Society, the Court Service and the LAA – and is committed to developing clear channels of communication so that law firms can gain the maximum benefit from their selected software solutions.