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Rumble in the Legalit Jungle webinar set for 11 December

Forget Thanksgiving. Forget Black Friday. Forget James Bond versus Doctor No – we have Charles Christian versus Mister Know(List) Daniel Brown. Yes, leading US legalit PR consultancy Burke & Company has just announced that its Legal Technology Observer (LTO) blog is sponsoring an online debate between UK-based legal technology gurus Daniel Brown (TheKnowList) and Charles Christian (Orange Rag/Legalit Insider). Brown and Christian square off in this 30-minute LTO Showdown webinar on Tuesday, December 11 at 3pm GMT/10am ET, when Brown and Christian will vigorously debate global trends for legal IT in 2013.

Legal Technology Observer creator Christy Burke (& President of Burke & Company) will serve as moderator/referee as Brown and Christian make bold projections – and clash – about imminent
global legal IT trends for law firms, vendors, the cloud, what’s hot (Surface) and what’s not (Blackberry), and whether eDiscovery is finally faltering as the industry’s cash cow. If you’re tired of boring webinars where the panelists blandly agree, this event is for you! To register or for more information, email