You will have come across vendor shoot-outs in the past but here’s one with a difference. At the Tikit Word Excellence Day event next Tuesday (15 October) four vendors of metadata cleaning products have been challenged to take part in the same test – can their products really remove all hidden content within a Word document? The four vendors in the hot seat are: Litéra, Microsystems, Payne Group and Workshare.

Kim Walton, from Dentons and also representing the UKDEG who is running this session, said the challenge document will contain the usual metadata suspects but also and includes a few surprise hidden elements. The Vendors will be cleaning the document live at the event during the morning with the results presente in the afternoon, and the audience voting for the winner. What could possibly go wrong?

If that wasn’t enough, the Vendors have also been asked to provide recommendations on how various types of metadata should be dealt with in a collaboration scenario where documents are send back and forth between law firms. The results were so full of valuable information explaining different kinds of metadata and offering advice on what firms should consider when setting policies that they have been collated into a document now published on the UKDEG website.