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Salans goes with Frayman for information barriers

The international law firm Salans has chosen Compliguard Protect, a leading legal information barriers solution from the Frayman Group and based on Microsoft's .NET platform. Salans will use Compliguard Protect to meet the increasing requirements for a centralized client and matter security mechanism as part of a comprehensive approach to information privacy and security across multiple systems and international borders.

“Frayman Group have for some time provided specialized business intake workflow and conflicts management services to our firm and we chose them again at this time because of their proven ability to understand our risk management needs and deliver working solutions,” said Jeffrey Elton, Head of Risk at Salans. “The Frayman Group's Compliguard Protect information barriers solution provides our firm with a powerful but easy-to-use capability to meet the increasing demand for centralized client and matter information protection. This capability will allow our risk team to speedily create information barriers, ensuring that all key systems in the firm operate under a central privacy directive for a particular client and matter.”

Compliguard Protect is designed to help law firms deal with increasing demand from clients to demonstrate and ensure that their information can be ring-fenced with total security across all of the systems in use by the firm, limiting access to authorized personnel only. In addition, the system monitors information access and highlights unusual levels of activity to partners and compliance officers. The system can be run independently or integrated into a business intake workflow solution such as Frayman's Compliguard Flow2.