Imagine yourself in the driver’s seat of the trademark industry’s sports car

We are looking for an enthusiastic sales person to head our UK sales office.

As well as being part of the most interesting company to enter the field in decades, we give you the chance to combine your aspirations in both the IP law and sales, independent working environment and chance to work with the best and biggest trademark owners in the world.

We can offer you a competitive base compensation, topped with a considerable commission on sales generated by you.

Preferably you have:

– background in trademark law as an trademark attorney, trademark assistant or paralegal, as well as
– enterprise software sales experience especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

We understand the worries considering career change can involve, and are fully committed to protecting the privacy of all our applicants.

Looking forward to receiving your CV and salary expectations, both of which you can send to

Onomatics Inc.

The most advanced trademark protection technology in the world

Onomatics, Inc. is a legal technology powerhouse specializing in intellectual property law. With decades of experience to draw from, we are seasoned professionals in both the software industry and intellectual property law – and it shows in the quality of our products, which are provided under the TrademarkNow name.