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SAP head honcho interviewed online

Our friends at SAP say you'll all be interested in the comments made in this recent interview featuring Leo Apotheker (to be CEO of SAP at the end of January 2009, currently co-CEO) and Harvard Business School Professor Andrew McAfee. They discuss various topics, including cloud computing, business networks, ecosystems, open source, SAP Community Network, Google, Microsoft and general trends in IT and business – but no mention is made of SAP's plans for the legal IT market. The interview runs for 23 minutes – altho if you are in the digital slow lane, internet access-wise, it could take longer. And 'yes' the interviewer Charlie Rose does apparently describe SAP as a 'software god'.

4 replies on “SAP head honcho interviewed online”

I note that Mr Apothekar while mentioning several market sectors failed to mention Chem/Pharm, Oil/Gas, Motor Manufacturing or Central Government. A sign they are not interested? I do not think so.

SAP has near 100% market share in those industries already

Er – I wonder if he doesn't mention the legal market because it is a tiny market to all but the niche software vendors who supply it, which is why Oracle have no interest in it and why SAP have shifted their efforts to TCS, so someone else can pay the bills.

… or maybe it was a general conversation about IT trends and developments in technology …

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