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SAP & IRIS (no the other one) breaking news

Couple of news stories in this morning…

I.R.I.S. and Canon
The Euronext (Brussels) listed I.R.I.S. Group (no relation to the UK IRIS Group) has just announced that Canon, via its subsidiary Canon Europa NV, has acquired a 17% stake (314,790 shares) in the group for approximately €22 million.

The stake now held by Canon includes I.R.I.S. Group shares previously held by Sofinim NV (a subsidiary of Ackermans & van Haaren NV – AvH), Compagnie à Nationale de Portefeuille SA (CNP), and approximately 60% of the I.R.I.S shares which were held by Pierre De Muelenaere and Etienne Van de Kerckhove, who will remain the co-CEOs of the I.R.I.S. Group. Two directors from Canon will join the I.R.I.S Group board, replacing the two directors currently representing AvH and CNP. The two existing independent directors will remain in place and a new third independent director will be appointed.
• The Benelux legal systems integrator and reseller Morningstar Systems NV is part of the I.R.I.S Group.

Shoosmiths and SAP
SAP is holding and EMEA SME customer panel at the Kensington Hilton (that's the one of Holland Park halfway to Shepherds Bush on the morning of Thursday 10 September. The blurb says “A selection of SAP customers will be speaking about how they are using technology to become more profitable, agile and responsive to customer needs, particularly in today’s fast-paced and uncertain economic environment. There is also the opportunity for a Q&A session as well as one-to-one briefings.” 

Customers currently confirmed to speak on the panel are:
• Shoosmiths, UK
• Kompak Nederland, Netherlands
• Greenwich University, UK
• TMG Telecom, UK
• Consol, South Africa

5 replies on “SAP & IRIS (no the other one) breaking news”

The Shoosmiths CIO talking at an SAP event – who would have thought? Elite should hire him in a sales role – sell ice to the eskimos that guy could! Still, it makes me laugh every time I think about how the partners there are going to have to cancel their annual family jaunt to the maldives for the next few years to pay for their SAP project. And of course it will be interesting to see how they integrate with their clients' just in time manufacturing inventory management processes though, as they've claimed. I wonder how many boxes of time it takes to make a widget?

Agreed. Why spend on transformative-change technology when, oh, Sage line 50 or Microsoft Money would do the trick. The thought of an ERP system that allowed a firm to understand its costs and processes so that they can compete at a level above the quill-pen brigade is entirely laughable. No client would want such a thing, would they.

I think the phrase 'Square peg, round hole' sums it up nicely. It will be very interesting to see how the project evolves, and of course better business intelligence is critical, but to suggest that having SAP will allow a law firm to better integrate with other businesses is fanciful. Law firms generate advice, and invoices. A complex B2B EDI as part of a direct or even a larger indirect VAN is probably uneccesary. e-billing, and some form of client extranet functionality is really all that's required. I suppose a law firm might consider real time billing directly through to their client's system in some form of quasi supply chain implementation, but experience has shown there that trying to make battery hens out of lawyers doesn't generally work.

“… SAP is holding and EMEA SME customer panel at the Kensington Hilton (that's the one of Holland Park halfway to Shepherds Bush on the morning of Thursday 10 September. …”
I'm surprised the grammar police have not picked up on: and/an of/off and no closing parenthesis. Oh, I suppose I just did.

Does anyone have the contact details for the legal rep at SAP? Is Intellect still selling for them? Who do I talk to about its legal offering?

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