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Sarah Glassmeyer leaves ABA for Reynen Court

Sarah Glassmeyer has joined ‘app store for legal’ Reynen Court as legal tech curator, responsible for generating the content and strategy for the solution store. Glassmeyer was most recently project specialist manager and counsel at the American Bar Association.

“Sarah is a true legal innovator with a wealth of hands-on experience driving change across the legal landscape and a passion for reimagining how we describe, learn about, and organize legal technologies,” said Christian Lang, chief strategy officer at Reynen Court.  “Combine that experience and passion with her well-established brand of critical and independent thinking, and I can’t imagine a better teammate to help us build the Reynen Court Solution Store and its curated content into an unrivalled technology sourcing and evaluation portal that realizes our mission of taking from months to minutes the time it takes to find, vet, and deliver the right tools into the right hands and the right time.”

Glassmeyer is a law librarian by training and has also worked in Content Development at CALI and as a Research Fellow at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab and an affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

“Legal technology is undergoing explosive growth”, Glassmeyer said, “But there is extraordinary opacity in the legal tech marketplace.  Buyers of legal tech spend stunning amounts of time, energy, and money trying to discern what products actually do, to confirm their integrations, to test their security, to review their vendor’s compliance posture, to map out implementation, to negotiate contractual arrangements, and so on and so on. The resulting friction associated with sourcing and evaluating new tools makes it virtually impossible today for firms and legal departments to act tactically and deliver the right technologies at the moment of need. Reynen Court is striving to change that, and I’m so excited to be a part of an organization which will provide immediate relief to our partners so that legal services are delivered more efficiently as well as create systematic change in the ways that legal technology is deployed by law firms and in house legal departments.”

We’re told that more than 200 third-party application vendors are actively engaged with Reynen Court, with 130 already under contract, although vendors and CIOs alike question where the tangible customer case studies are, given that the organisation formally launched in 2019.

We spoke last year to Naix, which has won two major contracts through Reynen Court. The Danish startup, which was founded in 2018, enables law firm to redact documents and build that redaction into their workflow.