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Saturn 27 falls out of orbit and restructures

The deepening recession has claimed another victim, this time the consultancy and systems house Saturn 27 which called in the administrators earlier this week and has now restructured. Here is the formal statement…

Saturn27 Limited has appointed an Administrator to assist in the process of re-organising it's UK business in order to focus on it's key strengths. Saturn27 Limited was established in 2004, providing strategic consulting services to professional services firms. The company has undergone a considerable period of growth in the last couple of years with turnover increasing by 300% in the last twelve months alone. This growth has burdened the company with certain operational overheads which, in the current difficult trading conditions, have had to be reviewed.

Following a new management buyout, backed by several new key investors, the firm can concentrate on it's primary market – the provision of independent technology consulting services to the legal market. Several members of it's team of consultants have transitioned across to the new business with contracts already in place. As part of the re-organisation, the company will cease sales of third party products and concentrate on pure service delivery. The new company intends to continue working with existing software vendors to maximise customers' return on investment and get best use out of current and future technologies and is keen to explore ways of working together in order to try and minimise any losses. Existing contracts with clients will continue to be resourced and the company already has a healthy order book moving forward. 

The separate North American business of Saturn27 NA LLC, based in Boston, is unaffected by this change.

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so thats why Mr Stokes has so much time to post 1000 word diatribes on this site

There must be a bit more to this. A 300% increase in turnover would appear to indicate a company in good health so something very wrong somewhere.

The old adage about turnover being vanity and profit being sanity springs to mind however this statement will inevitably prove trite once more information comes to light. That said the decision to focus on the higher margin service stream and dispense with the lower margin sale of third party products without so much as a sweaty handshake speaks volumes.

Let us hope that Messrs Spriggs and Gallagher are part of the transitioned team and can drag it back up by its bootstraps.

Spriggs and Gallagher are a pair of the safest hands in the business, between them they have the business acumen and track record, after all David has personally done most of the major conversions in the last 1o years at least, and is well known and highly respected as such

Imagine the size of the Expenses bills though. Three more portlier individuals you'd struggle to find and all on one payroll. I wouldn't like to have to generate the income stream to cater for that level of outgoings..

“David has personally done most of the major conversions in the last 1o years at least”
Give us a list of these, saying what was converted from and to? OK, given some will want anonimity just the from and to systems will show if they are the 10 years' major conversions .
(“Spriggs and Gallagher are a pair of the safest hands in the business” – is that one hand each?)

I don't know Spriggs but Gallagher is a well know and respected individual. I've been connected with major law firms since 1989 and I have crossed paths with David at nearly all of the 11 top 20 law firms I have worked for.
I can't imagine anyone working for a UK law firm having anything negative to say about David. It sounds like sour grapes from a former colleague!

'A 300% increase in turnover would appear to indicate a company in good health'. Duh. Since when has turnover been the primary indicator of a companys financial health? It's profit that matters.

Much as I like them and their sociable nature, they were vaguely reminiscent of the Trotters Independent Trading Company. I wish them well, but I wouldn't buy a second-hand consultant from them.

They are not so much second-hand as pre-loved, the fact that I also frequently cross paths with them at major law firms would tend to reinforce that impression.

I find it interesting that Lindsay Barthram,the top dog,and Im told a qualified accountant,does not appear by name in the comments.An article appeared in the Times last week stating that these “restructurings” are mocking the rules.I would not trust any of the three as far as I could kick them which at last sight would not be very far

Consultants were very good – I am certain ithat was not the problem. Very sad and indicative of a tough market.
I don't think anyone in the sector should be anything other than concerned that their downfall is an indication of just how bad the market is.

Interesting I've just heard that the wheels are turning again at Saturn. Good luck to them in fighting back! I understand that they have worked with all parties and have received great support from clients and vendors. Let's hope the new and improved outfit return to the same positive value add ways. I for one will be looking forward to working with them again.

The thing I love about these kinds of comments threads is where everyone posts anonymously e.g. “…at nearly all of the 11 top 20 law firms I have worked for. ” Surely that most give someone's identity away.
As someone who have a service delivery/consultancy business I am very happy that Saturn 27 have managed to reinvent themselves. I suspect it was a case of growing too quickly and to expand on someone else's earlier comment.
Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity… is reality has NEVER been more true than in this market.

This comment could almost have come from someone at Saturn27 or am I being cynical.I still find it difficult to take seriously people who in their first year of business purport to open offices in London,Fleet,Edinburgh,New York,Boston and Halifax in Canada.Until very recently they were advertising for staff in the Orange Rag when they must have known they were going down the pan.

We're hearing reports that there could soon be fresh legal developments …CC

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