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Seal Software a disruptive approach?

Seal Software Group, a provider of solutions to discover, capture, extract and manage contracts, today announced that Principal Analyst, Thomas Kase of Spend Matters has published a two part article on Seal’s Contract Discovery solution, which outlines Seal’s unique approach to speeding up and reducing the cost of contract discovery and abstraction.

In his article, Kase states, “[Seal is] a revolutionary way to really understand what is in contracts – either your own, or those of an M&A prospect. It’s not about the standard elements of contract management (even though in this case, the vendor in question has those as well: authoring, clause libraries, repository, milestones, requests, alerts, dashboards, compliance, etc.). No, it’s about something just as – if not more – tangibly valuable, an approach to contract management that can likely deliver greater ROI and faster than any other solution in this area.”

Kase continues, “I’m just excited to see such a disruptive tool that fits so nicely into the solutions portfolio of just about any firm out there. I can’t think of a reason not to use Seal since everybody above some size does M&A, and this solution lets you rapidly get a grip on all contracts in place even before an LOI or definitive agreement is signed (e.g., searching a potential acquisition targets contracts to reduce risks by understanding change of control, non-exclusivity clauses, rights of first refusal, limitations of liability, indemnification and many other fields).”

Parts 1 and 2 of Kase’s article can be read in full at the following links:–a-Disruptive-Approach-to-Contract-Visibility–Management-Part-1–a-Disruptive-Approach-to-Contract-Visibility–Management-Part-2