Date: 5th December 2013
Venue: The Westin Hotel, Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Time: 1.30pm – 4.45pm, 5pm onwards – Networking and Cocktail Making Masterclass
Cost: Free to attend

RAVN Systems will be speaking at the Tikit sponsored Technology Seminar in Dublin on how practices can effectively utilise Knowledge Management to promote continued success:

Overcoming the challenges of knowledge sharing and peer collaboration within your practice

In the information era in which we live, conventional methods of managing tacit knowledge, innovation and learning within firms, have largely failed to contribute to the overall success. With structured and more particularly, unstructured data growing at an exponential rate, capturing the information is no longer enough; there has to be some method behind the madness.

Utilising the mass of data to gain a competitive advantage

The implementation of Knowledge Management plays an essential part in any information intensive business that relies on capturing and sharing its hard-won knowledge and experience to exploit competitive advantage. The challenge is, how do you best achieve that?

Embracing cultures of continuous learning and sharing

It can be a problem for some businesses to gain the support of senior management to foster cultures of continuous learning, to embrace next generation KM tools and to empower their staff.

Traditionally in the legal sector, there have been few financial incentives for fee-earners to share knowledge with their colleagues. Furthermore, technology can also appear to be a stumbling block itself, should senior or more experienced lawyers find themselves less comfortable with the collaboration and networking technologies that the younger generation take for granted.

Organisations which embrace a top-down strategy to Knowledge Management can truly capitalise on the benefits that can be derived from a modern solution.

The RAVN approach

Come and learn how RAVN’s cutting edge technologies make it quick and easy and to access the information and learned experience your need to do your job efficiently and perhaps even to help you discover what you didn’t know you already knew.

RAVN Systems can help turn your unstructured data into actionable, on-demand information that can underpin your firm’s competitive advantage, increase productivity and capture valuable tacit knowledge and by doing so, support continued growth and sustainability.

Ensuring the wellbeing of mission critical Business applications

In addition to its Knowledge Management expertise, RAVN Systems also provides utilities which ensure that key business applications such as iManage, Elite, SharePoint, SQL Server and search environments are operating to the highest levels of performance your firm demands. Come and discover how our solutions mitigate the risks to the business and in doing so, free up valuable IT resources to be re-allocated to more productive tasks.

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