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September's American Legal Technology Insider newsletter out now

The September 2011 edition of the American Legal Technology Insider
newsletter (issue No #38) is out now – and sadly late than we would have like due to contending with 19th Century steam-powered internet access speeds in rural England.

Top stories include: what will Autonomy and HP do next ? and Insider editor Charles
Christian asks law firm CIOs and IT directors losing their touch – and their influence ?

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5 replies on “September's American Legal Technology Insider newsletter out now”

CC adds… 35,000 people a month are now reading the Flash edition of the American Insider – that is in addition to people downloading the PDF from this site or taking the email news feed. Thank yoo.

Given your recent comment on Twitter:
ChristianUncut Charles Christian
Explaining to another #legalit vendor that Legal Tech Insider is a proper newsletter – stories only published on their merits NO advertorial
That sycophantic article seems to contradict that position.
Is Christianuncut an anagram?

Here are some more comments we've had come in about the CIO opinion piece…
“Just read your article on Career over for CIOs in this week's issue. You got it exactly right. Two years ago – we dealt primarily with the CIOs of firms in our selling process. This year, we see Exec Directors, CFOs and Managing Partners taking the lead in the sales process with us. You are right – the CFOs better understand the business issues. The CIOs are brought in at the end to make sure it can be properly installed in their environment.”
“Many law firms aspire to have someone in a CIO role – namely, business focused, able to communicate with lawyers, and with vision. They honestly believe this but, like many closely held honest lawyer beliefs, it's wrong. They really want someone to make the trains run on time.”

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