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SFL Data offers Equivio Zoom for technology-assisted review

SFL Data now offers Equivio Zoom, providing SFL Data’s corporate and law firm clients with access to more robust and defensible predictive coding capabilities. Earlier this year, SFL Data’ added Equivio Zoom to its spectrum of Technology Assisted Review (TAR) services and product offerings. SFL Data continues to concentrate on adding value through its team of experts to help clients seamlessly navigate the automated review process.

Since 2009, SFL Data has offered predictive coding technologies to clients. Using Zoom will further enhance the company’s automated review capabilities while significantly reducing client costs for the document review portion of electronic discovery. Paired with SFL Data’s managed e-discovery service, Zoom filters out and organizes an assortment of relevant and privileged documents using statistical and machine-learning methods. The combination of SFL Data’s team of experts and their consultative approach provides clients with a transparent and immediate view into their most important and relevant data, making for a more defensible process.

Sonya Sigler, SFL Data’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Consulting, explained, “Given the recent court decisions approving the use of predictive coding technologies, automated review is just now gaining momentum in the legal industry despite being around for many years. As our clients learn to navigate this technology to determine relevancy in e-discovery, we’re employing best-of-breed tools like Equivio Zoom to help simplify the process. The result is greater defensibility, decreased review time, mitigated risk and lower litigation costs.”

Equivio CEO Amir Milo said, “Successful execution of Zoom for predictive coding requires providers who truly understand the workflow and process behind efficient automated review. SFL Data certainly fits the bill, and we’re quick to recommend them to law firms and corporations.”

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