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Shakespeare Putsman say what they want from a legal IT vendor

Following his recent visit (along with CEO Paul Wilson) to Pilgrim Systems' offices in Edinburgh, Ian Smit (the Operations director of Midlands-based law firm Shakespeare Putsman) said “We are in the habit of forging relationships with suppliers that we feel we can work with for many years to come. We make decisions quickly. We do not manage by committee which would massively elongate the decision making process thus negating some of the advantages of making the decision in the first place. We’ve come to Edinburgh to solidify our relationship with Pilgrim’s decision makers.

“One of the reasons for selecting Pilgrim is the fact that we have access to the directors who collectively seem to have a deep understanding of legal technology and understand what we expect from their business. Paul and I are comfortable that our firm’s goals and Pilgrim’s goals are well aligned. We will work well together. There is nothing like sharing a few beers over a meal to get to know people.”

Following its recent three-way merger with Needham & James (Stratford upon Avon) and Berryman (Nottingham) to create a firm with 450 staff, Shakespeare Putsman selected Pilgrim LawSoft as its unified case and practice management platform. The new solution replaces existing LexisNexis Axxia and TFB solutions.

Comment: We like the comments about 'having access to the directors' and 'sharing a few beers'. This was one of the points to come out of the recent Alternative Legal IT Conference – that law firms are people businesses and they still like to have access and a clear dialogue with the vendors they are dealing with. They don't want to be stuck at the end of an anonymous automated helpdesk system and be given a job or case number when something goes wrong, they need and expect answers – and they need them now so they can organise and manage their businesses.

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Recent cuts in the beer budget at LN and TikitTFB lead to loss of client? Surely not.

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