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Sharepoint announcements from Recommind & Workshare

Gosh, Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 is upon us, here are some product announcements from Recommind and Workshare…

Recommind has announced the availability of MindServer Search 7.0, the latest version of its flagship enterprise search product which, it is claimed, will enable enterprises to deliver more relevant search results to their information workers and maximise investments in tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. Built on Recommind’s CORE platform (Context Optimised Relevancy Engine), MindServer Search 7.0 adds new Web 2.0 collaborative features such as social tagging, delivery of content via RSS, a brand new Web-based administration client designed to simplify maintenance and accelerate deployments and an intuitive and more easily customisable user interface.  MindServer Search 7.0 supports search for content in SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010, enabling greater ROI out of current and planned SharePoint investments.

“Many search platforms oversimplify our information-access challenge. What sets Recommind's CORE Platform apart is its ability to respect the relationship between the multiple dimensions of our information: the text, the people involved and the related project or matter – which sets the context around the information,” said Oz Benamram, chief knowledge officer, White & Case LLP.  “The latest version of MindServer Search shows Recommind's commitment to delivering an enterprise search product that evolves along with our growing information access needs.  Not only has Recommind increased the overall functionality of the core platform, but they will enable us to drive more value out of our investment in tools like SharePoint and our knowledge repositories.”

Workshare has announced that its Workshare Professional 5.2, Compare 5.2 and Protect 6.2 products will support Microsoft’s new Office 2010 software within the next 90 days. Workshare will also introduce industry specific applications  allowing customers to extend SharePoint 2010 functionality. Starting with the legal vertical market, Workshare will deliver a law firm-ready application that tightly integrates Office 2010 into traditional document management systems, Microsoft SharePoint, or both.

“Workshare continues to improve our productivity by integrating and extending the capabilities of Microsoft technologies,” said Christopher Lewis, software services manager for Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP. “With support for the new Microsoft Office 2010 and the announcement of a legal-ready collaboration platform leveraging SharePoint we are excited about the value Workshare continues to deliver.”