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Sharepoint to takeover the World part II: Open Text draw their line in the sand

Now we have some news from Open Text on their approach to Planet Microsoft and the Sharepoint Death Star (or not as the case may be) and we quote…

Open Text has announced the following Microsoft compatibility dates and commitments.
•         Open Text eDOCS DM will support the 32 bit Edition of Windows 7 from the end of April.

•         Open Text has committed to ship eDOCS DM version 5.3 within 90 days of Microsoft releasing Office 2010 and will include full integration with Office 2010 in that release.

•         DM 5.3 will also include support for the 64 bit Edition of Windows 7.  At this stage we expect eDOCS DM 5.3 to ship sometime between July and September.

•         Open Text has committed to ship Content Lifecycle Management Services for SharePoint within 90 days of Microsoft releasing SharePoint 2010.  CLM Services for SharePoint is the archiving and storage optimisation platform that underpins the Open Text LIM product.

•         A SharePoint 2010 compatible version of Legal Information Management (LIM) is also being developed and a release schedule will be announced shortly.