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Shepherd Data Services celebrates 10 year anniversary

Shepherd Data Services, a Minneapolis-based provider of full-service litigation support including ediscovery and review technology, has just commenced its 10 year anniversary. Since its founding in 2002, Shepherd has delivered the best strategies and technology systems to help law firm, corporate legal and government entity clients across the Twin Cities navigate through the litigation process.

Christine Chalstrom, president & CEO of Shepherd, founded the company in 2002. After running a law office and then expanding her expertise into the data collection and management arena, Chalstrom established Shepherd to help attorneys solve technical problems and run practices more efficiently. She has more than 22 years of experience and is an attorney, programmer, certified trainer, and certified forensic investigator.

Over the last decade, Shepherd has grown from a one-person operation to a full-service professional firm of legal, technology, IT, software, project management, and customer service experts. Shepherd has expanded its portfolio of services, which has yielded incredible growth despite economic challenges. Shepherd milestones include: 2002 – Opened Twin Cities office 2006 – Acquired Marathon Document Services, moves office from Maple Grove to downtown Minneapolis 2009 – First to introduce advanced e-discovery technology to legal market 2011 – Opened Relativity Data Center in the Twin Cities 2012 – Achieved 10-fold increase in revenue since inception

Chalstrom says, “When we started Shepherd, litigation support involved scanning documents and performing objective data entry. An average case for us was about 7500 documents. Now we have robo-review and cloud-based systems and legal cases can range from 20,000 to 10 million documents. Our ability to remain as a vital organization in the market is attributed to our focus on client needs and partnerships with leading technology companies such as AccessData, kCura andGuidance. Another important attribute of our success is that we believe the client always comes first; therefore, we are constantly creating systems and procedures to be responsive to client needs. We have enjoyed the last ten years and look forward to providing additional innovative software and solutions in our next decade.”