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Sherpa Software streamlines data analysis for ECA

Sherpa Software has announced the availability of Report Attender, a new data analysis tool designed to help IT, litigation, compliance and internal security professionals. Report Attender quickly analyzes the content of key data stores, with an automated scanning engine that saves time and effort. Report Attender enables IT, compliance managers and corporate counsel to make informed decisions when investigating the content of data stores and ediscovery collections. This stand alone application can identify items cluttering the network and also provide information early in the case assessment phase of litigation. This is an easy and effective way for organizations to make informed decisions on whether or not to proceed to a lengthier and more expensive ediscovery process.

“We are committed to helping companies reduce the financial impact of litigation, compliance and storage administration with ediscovery and analysis tools that deliver the necessary information for important business decisions,” said Kevin Ogrodnik, President of Sherpa Software. “We are proud to offer this new solution to complement our existing product offerings – and improve outcomes for organizations desiring a cost-effective approach to information management without sacrificing functionality or effectiveness.”

Report Attender offers a practical, user-friendly interface with an intuitive wizard to create custom scans, with options for accessing Windows file shares and email stores. Analysis views in Report Attender include snapshots by type, size, dates, and data stores. Other views show breakdowns that identify duplicates using quantity, size and percent statistics to uncover redundant data.

Available today, Sherpa Software’s Report Attender version 1.0 includes the ability to scan any Windows accessible file share, as well as collect statistics on messages and attachments stored in PST files, Exchange mailboxes and online archives. Report Attender offers an affordable pricing model, with prices starting under $1000 per installation. To learn more about Report Attender and other Sherpa Software products, please visit