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Should law firms block access to social networking sites?

Yes, we know there are vendors out there who block access to the Orange Rag – but what about the bigger issue of law firms blocking access to other social networking sites, such as Facebook? Here's a link (thanks to Jobst Elser of Envision for finding it for us) to an interesting article on the topic

Meanwhile, having 'done' LinkedIn and Facebook, we're now moving on to experiment with Legal OnRamp…

One reply on “Should law firms block access to social networking sites?”

There is a lot of comment/articles about this. For example, here is an article about how allowing access to social networking sites can be a productivity benefit:
And here are a couple more articles that people might find useful (especially for passing on to your HR department).
Web 2.0 & Human Resources:
The Facebook Generation vs The Fortune 500:
There is also history that you may remember at a magic circle firm of an aborted attempt to block Facebook – which led to a near mutiny by the lawyers.
My view is that sensible, balanced policies (led by HR) should be enforced (again led by HR not IT) with a dose of common sense.
We 'warn' people about accessing Facebook and other sites and coach people to access these sites mainly outwith working hours. It works well, we review usage each month and our web use is under control.

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