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Simmons & Simmons outsource work to Integreon Mumbai

Integreon, a provider of knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and legal process outsourcing (LPO), today announced that international law firm Simmons & Simmons has signed a 12 month agreement with Integreon to provide offshore legal support services, including document review, due diligence, document production, and research services. Integreon has appointed an initial team of five dedicated lawyers for Simmons & Simmons but the agreement provides for additional lawyers to join the team as needed to provide flexible capacity and accommodate growth.

Simmons & Simmons will outsource research and document review work, in turn freeing the firm’s associates to focus on higher level legal efforts and provide greater value service for its clients. Integreon will support the firm from its secure, 24/7 Mumbai (India) facilities, resulting in cost savings in the region of 50 percent for the firm. The firm will pilot the project from its London office, and then roll it out as needed to other offices.

“This decision by Simmons & Simmons reflects a general trend of the unbundling of legal services by law firms and their acceptance and growing adoption of the LPO model,” said John Croft, president of global sales and marketing at Integreon. “By outsourcing lower end work to Integreon, Simmons & Simmons will be able to focus more on their core legal business, serving their clients with the same level of quality they have come to expect over the years, but now at a significantly lower cost to their clients. We are also able to give them the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.”

“It is an explicit commitment in our strategy to be a firm that is embracing different ways of working, so that we can deliver greater value to our clients. The LPO project is one step on that road. It will be piloted from London but rolled out to other offices where there is a demand,” said Mark Dawkins, managing partner, Simmons & Simmons. “Our clients will appreciate the fact that we have taken measures to cut costs, but at the same time, continue to provide them with efficient and high quality services that can be adapted to their needs. We are a firm driven by client relationships.”

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So are Simmons providing Citrix access to thier systems for Integreon, as plenty of clients are reluctant to let thier data go off shore even for review? And if so, at what cost?

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