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Situations Vacant – probably

We've just had a meeting with a firm of headhunters, who wantde to pick our brains as they are looking to recruit a business development director for a large legal IT supplier. While they were settling the bill, we took the opportunity to take a close look at the job spec. This is what it said (probably)…

Qualifications required:

1.    Ability to see in the dark.
2.    Good communicator, but with an uncanny ability of not actually saying anything of substance.
3.    Team player, or better still a referee-minded personality who is used to keeping at least two opposing sides playing the same game in a confined market space.
4.    At least 5 years successful track record. (Because let’s face it, they’re the last years of success you’ll have!!!)
5.    Good understanding of the legal market. (However, if you really had this you wouldn’t want the job!!!)

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.. that will be the one in Hull (or is it London, Bradford or Manchester – Maidenhead even but wrong job) then!! Can't see that appearing on the head hunters 'definites' for January!!

I have just the person for this role. He has the product skills and enormous experience of the legal market. What is more he would be happy to be based in Hull.
His name…………….
Jim Chase.

Well you've obviously had the call as well!!
Frankly I'm surprised at this approach. Are they so naive to expect us all to want to jump ship to work with a lot who shall we say don't have exactly the best employee relations with their management – sorry ex management team – as well as something of a disastrous approach to the sector so far.
If you're with a good supplier with a team you trust etc why an earth would you want this slot – as they say no up side (they'd have to pay an extraordinary amount of money) and the reality is and this is key ……… this actually solvable now, many think not and that thought is gathering momentum.

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