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Skemp PI lawyers select Visualfiles

LexisNexis UK today announced that personal injury practice The Skemp Partnership Solicitors has selected LexisNexis Visualfiles case & matter management system and LexisNexis PIP Broker, the latter is a cross platform application-to-application (A2A) interface module, to comply with the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Personal Injury (PIP) claims portal. When fully implemented, these solutions together are expected to reduce The Skemp Partnership Solicitors’ claims processing time by a third and enable the firm to increase its claims handling volume by more than 65% a month, at existing staff levels. Prior to Visualfiles and PIP Broker, The Skemp Partnership Solicitors was using an inhouse system for case management and communication with the MoJ’s portal.  

The Skemp Partnership say the chose PIP Broker and Visualfiles over competing products for the solutions’ flexibility and customisability. For instance Skemp is looking to utilise the ‘robot’ functionality within Visualfiles enabling the firm to configure a PC to automatically process and print documentation and letters 24/7, eliminating the need for staff members to execute these routine administrative activities.

LexisNexis PIP Broker is a system agnostic, cross-platform A2A interface that is designed to connect all LexisNexis software platforms including Visualfiles, Axxia dna and SolCase, as well as similar third party platforms, with raPId, the MoJ’s personal injury portal.

* LexisNexis is running a series of lunch time webinars to demonstrate the features and benefits of the latest release of Visualfiles case management software. There is one today (Thursday 29) at 12:30pm, followed by sessions on Tuesday 3rd August and Thursday 12th August. To register email or visit

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These new feature isn't part of the long rumoured product LN were considering to develop. Also is this the first new business win for Visualfiles this year?

Althp Visualfiles has won some business earlier this year for its new Streamline (previously Manila until that product foldered) BPM system, this order seems to be for the older pre-Lexis acquisition case management system – the son-of-Solcase one – CC

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