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SkyDox launches in the US

SkyDox, a provider of a cloud-enabled file sharing and collaboration platform for cross-functional and distributed teams, has launched its solutions to the US enterprise sector. The platform is claimed to be the only collaboration solution that enables organizations to leverage their existing enterprise content management (ECM) systems and productivity tools while delivering document-centric, next-generation collaboration and social business and Web 2.0 functionality to their existing business applications.

Unlike many other collaboration solutions, SkyDox has been designed from the ground-up as an enterprise-grade solution with built-in security features, administration-rights and compatibility with virtually all ECM and productivity applications, including Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Adobe Acrobat, FileNet, Documentum and Lotus Notes. This enables users to continue to work with familiar tools while enjoying the benefits of cloud-based collaboration and ensuring that the organization is able to fulfill compliance mandates and internal security measures.

By applying the principle of bringing individuals to a document, SkyDox aims to drive the efficiency of the collaboration process, eliminating the need to manage multiple versions of a document, dealing with duplicates and managing differing tracked changes – a common consequence of existing collaboration tools. This helps organizations reduce network and compute overhead by preventing multiple versions and copies of the document from being stored or sent over public or private networks. The platform provides full audit trail of document access, distribution, download and views, which is available throughout the document lifecycle from within or outside of the organizations firewall.

SkyDox’s functionality enables users to search, store, deliver, manage and simultaneously co-author documents, in real-time, on a single easy-to-use user interface. Collaborators are notified when files are uploaded or modified and when new comments and annotations are posted. In addition, live messaging, presence and online meeting and tagged commenting features deliver an integrated collaboration experience. In turn, cross-functional and distributed teams can share and collaborate on documents with company team members, customers, suppliers and business partners using any browser-enabled desktop, laptop or mobile device in a highly-secure, fully-encrypted, permission-based environment.

“We are living in a time where more and more companies are working with teams not just spread across departments but offices, region and globally, and this is especially true for the enterprise sector,” said Barrie Hadfield, SkyDox co-founder & CTO. “In fact, according to Forrester, 62% of the U.S. employees work from a location outside of the corporate firewall in an average work week. Companies can help these mobile workers and their distributed networks improve their productivity without having to abandon the business applications and productivity tools that users are familiar with and have invested so much money and time into.”

The SkyDox collaboration platform can be deployed as a public, private or hybrid cloud with data hosting options at enterprise grade, high availability data centers in Europe, Asia and North America. For a free 60-day trial of SkyDox’s Business Edition visit – to schedule a demo visit

COMMENT: SkyDox is challenging industry players like Box, DropBox and CentralDesktop – by offering a more enterprise-friendly option that improves upon an organization’s existing enterprise content management system. The solution works seamlessly with more than 200 file formats and over 100 popular business applications, including Microsoft Office and SharePoint. And here's a link to a report which suggests that information management and document searches are the biggest time wasters for employees during the work day.