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SmartWebParts launches webinar series

Smart WebParts has launched its Expert Webinar Series on Law Firm Timekeeping. Each 
30-minute webinar in the series will feature legal technology industry experts discussing challenges and solutions to improve law firm timekeeping practices and profitability.
Now available on the Smart WebParts site – at – the series’ first installment examines the state of timekeeping in law firms from the user, economic and technology perspectives. Ever since the billable hour became the key metric for billing, lawyers and their firms have grappled with the reality that a great deal of billable time goes unbooked, for a variety of reasons ranging from human behavior to technology limitations. This unbilled time adds up and the firm inevitably leaves many hours and dollars on the table. The first episode features Jo Haraf of San Francisco’s Haraf Professional Services and contributing author of Achieving Excellence in Legal Technology Management (West, 2009), Michael Kraft of New York City’s IT consulting firm Kraft Kennedy and David Gallagher of London's Saturn27 consultancy.