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SNR Denton launches privacy and data security blog

In order to provide a continually updated source for high quality analysis and commentary on the subject, SNR Denton has launched the Privacy and Data Security Blog. The blog will be written by SNR Denton’s global team of top privacy lawyers led by SNR Denton Washington, DC-based partner Todd Daubert, head of the firm’s Communications and Technology practice, and Nick Graham, SNR Denton London-based Privacy partner.

Leveraging Daubert’s unique educational background and strong understanding of both the business and engineering aspects of the communications industry, and Graham’s insider view from his positions on the UK/EU Panel of Experts for Data Guidance and on the editorial board for the journal Privacy and Data Protection, SNR Denton’s Privacy and Data Security Blog will also tap the firm’s global resources with contributions by lawyers from and covering regional issues spanning Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

The blog address is:

Recent news topics that the blog will be analyzing include:

• Latest news on the new EU Regulation and on US developments
• Commentary on new data privacy guidance as it happens
• Data breach and cybercrime
• Information Governance strategies
• International data transfers
• Use of customer data
• Data audits
• Online/Internet concerns, including collecting, transmitting and storing user-generated content, and implementing and complying with data-centric laws.
• Outsourcing

“Privacy and Data Security are ‘top table’ issues. Every single day, a major corporation is in the news to report a data breach or website attack. For businesses, these data breach or privacy issue failures can have a direct, and at times catastrophic, impact on share price and reputational risk,” said Daubert. “Companies need to know how to best protect their ‘information assets’ and ensure databases and products are privacy compliant. We intended to use the blog to look at these issues in depth.”

“Global data privacy laws are constantly being ratcheted up. The new EU Regulation proposes a 24 hour data breach notification rule and fines of up to 2 percent of worldwide turnover, which is a significant change for how companies operate. Businesses need to know how to navigate these laws and need to be aware of their impact before they are adopted. Our blog will cover these issues and help make sense of the global complexities of privacy and data security,” said Graham