Here on the Orange Rag, we're firm believers that social media-type interfaces are the future for a lot of legal technology applications – both inward facing and client-facing. Peppermint Technology say they will be the first* practice and case management supplier to deliver social connectivity as standard, from its upcoming Legal Service Platform (LSP). Here's the first picture of the interface (and there is a larger version of this image attached)…

Peppermint say “The Legal Service Platform, built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, will see the first wave of social innovation in the Q1 2012 release. The functionality will be available within the LSP as standard. The release will enable Activity Feeds in the LSP via a Facebook type user interface. Activity Feeds simplify business insight and collaboration across internal communities and can be posted manually by users or triggered by pre-defined events, in the matter or client records.”  

Peppermint CEO, Arlene Adams adds “This is a breakthrough in the way businesses communicate and collaborate. The technology is now commonplace for social interactions and we are we are proud to be leading the way in bringing this innovation to the legal services community. It will enable firms to manage their client relationships in a way that is simply not possible with traditional practice and case management systems.  It will give them the insight and reach to communicate effectively with prospective clients and help win new business.”

* After yesterday's posting on Eclipse's claim to be the first vendor with an ABS system, we thought readers would like this claim of another 'first'.