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Social media: is there any interest in Pinterest ?

Scottish law firm Inksters, who are building a reputation for themselves as one of the more adventurous legal users of social media, believe they may be the first UK law firm to use Pinterest. This is a virtual pinboard service that lets users organise and share images on the web. Brian Inkster admits it may not at first seem a good fit for solicitors but the firm now has four pinboards running, including two on properties they are marketing (Scottish law firms do this) and one on their personnel.

Inkster adds “Solicitors should embrace new methods of communication the same way any other business does. At Inksters we have seen real benefits from communicating via Twitter and YouTube. Solicitors were slow to tweet but it is now becoming more common. I’m sure the same will be true of pinning.”

Comment: Brian Inkster’s team have been heavily involved in social media for over 3 years and have a clear strategy. However, as Tom Fishburne’s cartoon points out, without such a strategy, you are just jumping on bandwagons.

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