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Software Solutions Guide – the winners & losers

The English Law Society formally launches the next edition of its annual Software Solutions Guide at the Legal IT Show in London in just under a fortnight's time. or those of you who can't wait, here is a summary of the winners and losers. Click on the attached file for a PDF.

4 replies on “Software Solutions Guide – the winners & losers”

Ouch not nice if you're in IRIS Legal HQ after two years of big company & co the following results:
IRIS Videss 9th
IRIS Mountain 14th
IRIS Videss 11th
IRIS Mountain 15th (bottom)
Also they got a bottom place in 7 out of 10 categories across the group companies.
Surprised how badly Videss did as if this survey had been published like this two years ago then I suspect it would have been better, same could be said for AIM I guess.
Overall indicates a dramatic slide from where they were pre CSG/IRIS.

I don't suppose anyone knows the pre-CSG/IRIS positions do they?

Iris Connected/Iris Mountain/Mountain Software did better than I expected. I would imagine Iris, Arlene especially, should be congratualted on their progress albeit downward!

Readers of this guide should be aware that vendors have to pay/invest a substnatial amount of money (in excess of £10,000 including expenses) to be included in this guide. This automatically excludes a lot of the smaller and newer vendors and those that do not wish to partcipate in a scheme of this nature.

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