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Solution Design Consultant – Peppermint Technology

Job Summary
This role will be the technical lead on customer projects and provide the critical role of linking pre and post sales activity with a customer. The consultant will take the lead role in understanding the business requirements of the client and defining how this maps out into a Peppermint Solution. They will support the sales person in pre-sales activity and ensure what is sold can be delivered. They will then be involved in the design and delivery stage to ensure the solution that is sold is delivered.

Responsibilities and Duties
• Provide a link between sales and project delivery to ensure the customer experience is consistent and their expectations are managed and met
• Provide in-depth presales consultancy
• Participate in the project definition workshops and design sessions, to ensure consistency of messaging from sales activity
• Assist and support, via workshops and consulting, the client in working out what their deployment should look like in order to meet their business needs
• Provide the high level solution design for client projects from which all project delivery activity and tasks will flow
• Clearly communicate (both verbal and written) to all the Peppermint team what the solution design means for training and consulting, agree and sign off the work plan
• Be involved in review sessions to ensure the solution design is followed and amended as required during the project
• Assist and support with the project delivery as required based on skill set and resource needs
• Contribute effectively to the sales cycle
a. detailed product presentations and demonstrations
b. high level solution design options based on client needs
c. detailed demonstrations of technical tools
d. design and deliver proof of concepts
• Support and train the sales team in product and maintain a current and effective sales demonstration environment
a. Design and build the appropriate presales demonstration environment and keep this updated
b. Provide training to the sales team on all product and technical matters
• Lead successfully the design sessions with clients
a. Provide insight to what is possible via presentations and demonstrations
b. Lead and facilitate the discussion to capture the business needs and translate these into the design of the Peppermint solution
c. Build POC where appropriate
d. Capture clearly, define and document the design of the solution in a way that is clear to technical, and non-technical, audience. This should include
i. Clear business outcomes
ii. Architecture design
iii. Day 1 deliverables for major stakeholders
iv. Day 1 benefits for major stakeholders
v. Any functionality gaps or design that will cause issues and resolution to these points
• Own the technical design of the solution during the project and ensure this is adhered to with change control in place if the design is changed or amended
• Ensure the project delivery team (both Peppermint and client side) fully understand the design and can clearly communicate the value to stakeholders of the project and users of the product.
• Support the communication plan for go live
• Provide go live support as appropriate
• Provide follow up support post go live as required

Key Relationships
• Customers & Prospects (senior business level and technical level)
• Service Delivery Managers
• Senior Management
• Product Team
• Support Team
• Service Delivery Consultants

• 5+ years’ experience of senior technical lead , preferably in a law firm or legal practise and case management software company
• 3 yrs experience of delivering high quality presentations and demonstrations
• Extensive experience of dealing with customers to understand needs and design solutions
• Background in technology and solid understanding of development
• Delivering clear technical design documentation

• Highly motivated and technically passionate individual
• Excellent and proven interpersonal skills
• Excellent and proven presentation skills
• Excellent and proven documentation skills (evidence of this will be requested at interview)
• Gravitas and presence when dealing with senior people
• Excellent communicator, both written and verbal
• Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills in order to facilitate solutions
• Good level of technical knowledge and software knowledge to question and challenge
• Operate effectively in a highly pressured environment
• High attention to detail while being able to multi-task

• Enthusiastic self-starter with a can do attitude
• Obsession for a great customer experience
• Strong sense of urgency
• Strong work ethic
• Recognition and respect for individuals
• Attention to detail