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Something for LegalTech NYC

Here's a couple of lighter news stories about next week's LegalTech New York event – we'll be over there to cover the event so coverage will depend upon broadband coverage, jet-lag and hangovers – although there should be a fairly active Twitter feed…

• To drive home the value of a professional headshot for making a positive online impression, RealPractice Inc, a web development and marketing company for law firms, has engaged Joshua Zuckerman Photography, a leading New York-based corporate photography studio, to offer free headshots for lawyers at LegalTech NY 2011

“In the last few years, online and social media marketing has exploded. Firms are beginning to recognize the need for a strong online presence with everything from a well-designed website to high quality photography,” said Brad Cooper, SVP Marketing&  GM, RealPractice. “We like the fresh approach that Joshua Zuckerman Photography takes toward corporate photography and asked him to be a part of our LegalTech booth.”

“In the age of social media, first impressions happen online so a business portrait should be personable and help build a connection with clients,” said Joshua Zuckerman. “By offering a fresh alternative to formal corporate photography we help individuals and firms stand out and show their personality.”

Free Headshots at the RealPractice Booth #501
Joshua Zuckerman Photography will be set up at the RealPractice booth #501 during exhibition hall hours at LegalTech NY 2011 taking place at the Hilton New York. Lawyers interested in a free headshot are encouraged to sign up at – lawyers will receive one high-resolution image file that will be perfect for a LinkedIn profile or other online use.

Tips for Preparing for a Professional Headshot by Joshua Zuckerman
1.    Wear professional clothes in neutral colors such as navy, brown or tan or other soft hues.
2.    Avoid patterns and bright primary colors such as yellow, red or green.
3.    Keep arms covered by wearing long sleeves. Short sleeves look too casual.
4.    Collared shirts or crew necks are best since V-necks show too much skin in a photo shot from the chest up.
5.    Women should stick to classic jewelry. The goal is to notice the person, not the jewelry.
For more tips and headshot samples from LegalTech follow us on Twitter at @RealPractice and @JZCorpPhoto and visit and to learn more.

• And, here's a handy little app yopu may like to download – assuming your schedule for New York is not aleady jam-packed.

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'To drive home the value of a professional headshot for making a positive online impression…' See CC's Twitter pic for a shiny example! More cheese anyone?

The question is, what is a true professional headshot? Setting up a photo booth and shooting someone in 2 minutes doesn't constitute professional in my opinion. It's a great deal, don't get me wrong, but there is a difference between an image that looks professional and a truly professional headshot, one that brings out the true personality of the subject.

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