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Something for the Legal IT Weekend: Why you should get paid danger money in legal tech and the limitations of mobile working

So it’s been a challenging week, thanks to a broken ankle and a reliance on crutches but I’m far from alone – it turns out legal IT is a dangerous business! As we ease into the Legal IT weekend here are some of your rather dodgy coping strategies.

So it’s been a challenging week, thanks to a broken ankle and a reliance on crutches that means I’ve been confined to the office at home and found it quite tricky to even make a cup of coffee. That’s a lie, I can make coffee pretty easily, but drinking it anywhere other than right by the kettle is the problem. I’ve resorted to a number of methods of transport including a carry out cup in a handbag (they typically leak) or shuffling along the floor on my bottom. Over sharing?!

On the plus side it has been an unexpectedly bonding experience, both because it turns out that a vast number of fellow legal techers have similar injuries and because we’ve come up with an array of brilliant coping mechanisms. Some are not particularly sensible and I probably ought to include some disclaimer that this doesn’t constitute medical advice. But it has reminded me of what a fun community we are lucky enough to work in. 

In terms of my fellow injured, the list is long and distinguished but the one I’ll single out is Macfarlanes‘ chief information officer Andrew Powell, who has also broken his ankle and in our exchanges on LinkedIn has recommended a far superior pair of go-faster crutches than I currently have. I’m not going to make any remarks about boys and their toys but if the Terminator needed crutches, he would use these ones.

I’m still waiting to see footage – it exists – of Andrew being wheeled through Heathrow by Gowling WLG’s director of information, Tony McKenna: is it just me hoping to see a few wheelies? If you want to follow the banter (and find out who else is injured!) it’s here on LinkedIn:

Tony tells me I need a bagman (the best suggestion of the decade) but herein lies the limitations of working from home. My live in bagman, Legal IT Insider’s commercial director Jeremy Hill, has resorted to locking himself away in our office at the end of the garden and not answering his phone. Apparently he’s “busy”.

So I’ve been given an array of suggestions to a) stay sane b) get attention c) get revenge. 

  1. Use Circle (other products are available) to power down Jeremy’s computer when I need him.
  2. Fit a secret electric bell in his office and ring it when I need tea. Or when I don’t. Ringing all the time could be a good option. 
  3. Attach an electric dog collar for some light zapping? – not sure this one is going to fly or logistically how it would work but thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Get out of the house and hire a motorised cart or golf buggy – the point here was to get some fresh air but if you add gin this could be a winning option.

I’m grateful for the laughs you crazy bunch. Have a great weekend.