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Something for the long weekend #2 – what cuddly toy should you give?

Given the popularity of nQueue Billback's cute kangaroo + little joey soft-toy freebie* giveaway at the recent London Legal IT Show, we were wondering which vendors should give away which soft toys and why. Feel free to be as beastly as you like – but let's have some originality (which means not the usual Tikit joke).

* Other great soft-toy freebies in the Orange Rag hall of fame include the little lawyer from Elite which, when squeezed, said “this is an outrage” – “I object your honor” – “I'll see you in court” – and the teddybear in leather flying jacket, helmet and goggles from Mimecast to promote their presence in the cloud.

5 replies on “Something for the long weekend #2 – what cuddly toy should you give?”

You see, I've thought of the toy, it would be a Tigger from Winne the Pooh, and they would be, in the words of the song, “Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy full of fun!” It's just do I award it to an individual or to an organisation. Who in the legal world could possibly be described in terms of “Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy”? Stops, this side of a libel suit.

Given the number of vendors that have become extinct in recent years, I'm afraid there is a waiting list to use a purple dinosaur however we still have ostriches available (taken from behind by competitors while head buried in sand) + hedgehogs (cute but poor vision & tendency to be crushed by competitors) …. CC

Very good.
Has anyone used a praying mantis (leaps into bed at the first oportunity only to become devoured by the the object of its affections immediatley afterwards).
This may be quite popular as well.

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