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Something for the office – no, not Microsoft Office

We've noticed a recent trend for some IT directors to also get saddled with responsibility for infrastructure including aspects of office services, so here is an office design-related story with a techie angle…

CMS Cameron McKenna's B-listed building on Queen’s Road in Aberdeen has been refurbished to include installing a semi-automatic electronic partition –
believed to be the first of its kind in the UK – in the firm’s boardroom. The equipment was installed as part of a wider series of improvements
designed to enhance the acoustics throughout the building, meaning conferences and meetings can be held simultaneously with no disruption
to attendees. The project was handled by local Aberdeen-based workspace designers Space Solutions.

3 replies on “Something for the office – no, not Microsoft Office”

Dear Cameron McKenna associate/trainee/employee,
I'm sorry to have to tell you that due to the difficult economic times and our desire to reduce overheads your job is now under consultation for possible redundancy. If the result of this consultation is redundancy be sure to take a look at our expensive sliding partition in meeting room 1 before you leave.
Many regards

They have to have automatic doors as all their staff are in India now

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