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Something for the weekend #2

Two stories to mull over at the end of the week…

• We've just been informed by someone 'who knows for a fact' (which means its totally unreliable) that the price LexisNexis paid for Visualfiles two years ago (taking into account earn-outs etc) was £36 million. We think this is way off the scale of reality and more likely to have been nearer £16 million – although it is rumoured that ex-chairman Neil Ewin's new estate is called Yorkshire.

• And, there is to be a new head of IT at Linklaters. Simon Thompson was promoted to global chief operating office (or COO) last year. A formal announcement is due next week however the one clue we have is:

'Think female and think existing Legal IT Director'

– feel free to suggest who you think this may be altho we think first names starting with a 'J' are a possibility.

2 replies on “Something for the weekend #2”

You're right in that only one of those names would be on my shortlist.
Probably just 2 other credible options if you think about it – and it's one of these other two

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