Time for a little Legal IT Quiz – there are no prizes – not least because we are supplying the answers to some of the questions…

Laubfrosch(1) 60 years ago in March 1954 this Grundig Stenorette reel-to-reel tape recorder made its debut on the international business market and subsequently went on to sell 4.5 million units. Q: Because of the original unit’s colour, it earned what nickname? A: The Tree-Frog (We can only assume people hadn’t seen many tree-frogs in 1954.



(2) Most men, when they have their mid-life crisis, buy a red sportscar and grow a pony-tail. Q: Who has bucked this trend by growing a beard and entering the London Marathon on 13 April ? A: Patrick Hurley of Thomson Reuters Elite. Patrick adds “But of course I’m not doing it all for my own youth-obsessed vanity!  I am running it, along with two Thomson Reuters colleagues, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support a fantastic organisation that supports people affected by cancer throughout the UK-   both patients and their carers. Macmillan is the chosen charity for EliteUK this year.  Please consider helping us achieve our target and raising enough money to pay for 1 cancer nurse for 1 year, and donate to:


Please feel free to make your donation amount anonymous.”

(3) Q: Which legal publisher has moved to new offices in London, only to discover that the basement, which houses the library, sits above the River Fleet and is prone to flooding after heavy rain?

(4) Q: Finally, who is this Dandy Highwayman turned legal IT industry CEO? Clue: this is his LinkedIn profile image. 1a56b23