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Something for the weekend – a little quiz

Here's a simple quiz for the weekend? What is the legal IT-related connection between the building on the left of this picture – No.167 – and the passage to its immediate right? Post your answers in the comments section.

4 replies on “Something for the weekend – a little quiz”

I would guess that one of the chambers in the passage has been asked to provide an opinion in a potential case against one of the tenants in the building over non performance of specialist legal software.
Presuming of course that the said chamber is not a client of the tenant in no 167.

And the answer is… No.167 Fleet Street is the London office of IRIS Legal Solutions (originally the Meridian barristers software division) while the passage to its side leads up to Gough Square, the new home of the Tikit Group, which now includes TFB.

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