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Something for the weekend: all in the name of charity

After the alarms and excursions of earlier today and getting out the latest issue of the Insider newsletter, here are a couple of gentler topics…

• First off LiliConnect (the legal IT networking group) are holding another evening meeting – this time on the 9th February at the Andaz Hotel near Liverpool Street Station – when the guest speaker is India Gary-Martin, the MD & COO (Technology & Operations) at JP Morgan. Full details on the attached PDF.

• Secondly, we don't know why he has a blue ball on top of his head but David Thorpe is off running the London Marathon again this year on 22nd April, this time to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity for sick children. Please sponsor/make a donation – and be generous as you know it will take David until June to recover!

One reply on “Something for the weekend: all in the name of charity”

Its not a blue ball – its an Aderant 'press to speak' button – activation includes all time favourites such as 'but Elite 3E is unproven' and 'discount for early adopters' as well as the classic 'thats not a bug its a feature'

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