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Something for the weekend: beer + iPads + cartoon marketing

Apologies for delay in posting: been trying to explain to Aged Mother that leaving landline phone off the hook for 36 hours is not a good communications strategy. A couple of readers have suggested kitting out my mother with an iPhone – given my mother's Cruella de Ville-length finger nails and failure to grasp concept of keeping a mobile phone charged, this suggestion would only work if Apple produced a steampunk-style iPhone that was coal-powered and had a rotary dial.

• All of which neatly brings me to the best iPad joke I've heard recently – told to me by someone at Microsoft: “The Apple iPad is an iPhone for people with poor eyesight.” (Sound of silence, tumbleweeds roll across the street.)

• We're also grateful of Justin North at the Janders Dean consultancy for drawing our attention to the fact that there is an Aussie beer-connection to this week's Clifford Chance expansion into Australian legal market story… “Clifford Chance target Cochrane Lishman Carson Luscombe appears to be a 2006 spin off from Mallesons Stephen Jaques (Ian Cochrane and Michael Lishman) and true to Australian form, there is even a beer connection. Cochrane wears another corporate hat as the chairman of Little World Beverages Limited, which brews Janders Dean's most beloved Little Creatures beer in Fremantle.”

• Finally, cartoons. Now we know some of you have mixed views about CaseCentral's Case in Point cartoon series by Tom Fishburne but here is a statistic worth noting. When the first cartoon was published in late 2008, it was viewed by just 150 people – now the cartoons get 45,000 people a week (measured as distinct URLs) visiting the site.Maybe not such bad marketing idea afterall.