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Something for the weekend: birthdays & Weinergate

First off a couple of birthdays to announce…

• Today – yes, today – is IBM's 100th birthday although in its early
pre-Tom Watson years it still traded under the snappy title of the
Computing, Tabulating & Recording Company.

• Then we switch over to the law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner, which
earlier this week celebrated the 10th anniversary of its formation when
Berwin Leighton & Paisner & Co merged in 2001. Interesting talk
with Janet Day (we are not worthy) and partner Adam Rose (in the latter
case about social media) + cocktails + a BBQ + chocolates. Here are some
factoids about the firm: since 2001 BLP's turnover has increased by
162% – 80% of the firm's top 20 clients in 2001 are still with the firm
today – over 750 clients have been with BLP for more than 10 years.

• Finally, Weinergate…