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Something for the weekend: BT and Tikit eh!

Inevitably all the focus this week has been on the Tikit + BT deal – and we can report that Geoff Hornsby of HP iManage was first off the mark to phone Tikit CEO David Lumsden and ask him to fix his home phone. Hornsby says he has just had a redundant BT phonebox installed in his garden (he plans – bad pun alert – to keep his mobile ferns in there during the winter) adding “I just bought this the other day.  I wish I had known BT was going to buy Tikit as I would have waited and bought it off my friends at Tikit!”

Meanwhile over in Prague, which hosted the sell-out LawTech Europe Congress earlier this week, there was widespread excitement about the deal as this picture (showing delegates from LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters Elite and Bighand, as well as Team Insider) confirms. Wait a minute, isn’t that Simon Elven from Tikit on the second-left? Cheer up Simon, when this deal goes through, you’ll be able to buy a new collar for that shirt.

And, still in Prague, Hannah Hagon of Nikec/Copitrak was dismayed to discover she has an Evil Twin – that’s the real Hannah on the left of this picture …or is she on the right?