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Something for the weekend: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Can we work here please?

One of our contacts in the legalit world has just taken a new job, so we looked up the company on the interweb and spotted this notice…

Seven Reasons to Join – you will fit right in at <Company X> if you like:

Bayside trails
Great weather
Fun Friday lunches
15 days of PTO you first year
Chair massages
A bucket of ball for the driving range (we think this is a golfing reference)

Lovers of TLAs (three letter acronyms) please note that PTO means Personal Time Off (or what we call holidays in the UK) and not an agricultural  tractor power take-off.

The Friday Quiz

A quick question this week: which London litigation support bureau used to employ David Bowie? And yes we do mean that David Bowie although we suspect he looked more like this when he worked there

than this

4 replies on “Something for the weekend: Ch-ch-ch-changes”

Well done that man – we’ll be sending you a copy of “Is there life on Mars?”

An acronym is a pronounceable abbreviation (e.g. NATO).
TLA is not an acronym.

Oh no it’s not – altho some acronyms can be mnemonic.

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