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Something for the weekend – Christmas cards & Christmas books

• So, regular as clockwork, on the 1st December in comes our first Christmas card of the year from the law firm that is always first to get their cards out – and also appears to be the only firm that still does something original each year. This year the card takes the form of a cryptic-pictogram (or maybe a picto-cryptogram). As Rolf Harris used to say “Can you tell who it is yet?”

• And what about a book for Christmas? Fed-up with Susskind, then try Martin Edwards who, along with being the head of employment law at North-West law firm Mace & Jones, is one on the UK leading crime writers. This year he has compiled and edited the latest (17th) edition of the Crime Writers Association (CWA) anthology Original Sins. The book features 16 short stories from the cream of international professional crime writers on the theme of ‘original sins’. Authors include Sophie Hannah, Reginald Hill, Laura Wilson as well as Edwards himself.
Original Sins is without doubt one of the strongest ever collection of stories produced by the CWA,” he said. “It really does make a perfect stocking filler for crime fiction fans. And Christmas of course is a terrific time for story telling. Original Sins very much tries to capture that tradition with a varied collection of modern mysteries.”

Original Sins is out now published by Severn House priced at £18.99.

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I still think a picture of Jan emerging from a lake with her “Sword” would have been a better one.

Here's a clue: the first symbol is not a lavatory or a toilet but a word that rhymes with 'clue' – CC

You should have gone on Catchphrase – you would have been really good (not!)

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