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Something for the weekend – close encounters of a Cyberman-kind

What, you mean Doctor Who is a factual series, not fiction? Here we see Douglas Mathie, a partner in Brodies' Tech, Info & Outsourcing group, have an encounter with a Cyberman in Edinburgh. Group PSL Eleanor Peterkin (behind the Cyberman) seems amused by her colleague's plight. Apparently the Cyberman is explaining that it is dress-down-Friday and that means STRICTLY NO TIES. For more, check out Brodies TechBlog at

2 replies on “Something for the weekend – close encounters of a Cyberman-kind”

That's no Cyberman – its the protective suit as worn by the MD of a well known software provider explaining to shareholders/customers their recent erratic behaviour when acquiring competition.

are u sure its not a member of Iris HR entering Grantham/Dublin?

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