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Something for the weekend: from Visible Record Cards to iPods

Two stories this week, starting with a note from Harry Townsend (aka the Man who Refused to Retire) now Chrome River Technologies‘ Director UK Region…

 Charles, our recent 2003-2012 comparison of Legal IT suppliers, and your 30 year potted history at the Aderant Expert User Conference at the Strand Palace Hotel last month made me think of the following book

It is a 200 odd page tome written by Bill Evans who was the accountant at law firm Sheridans and now works for Tuckers (criminal law defence – legal aid!) Tottenham Court Road. It is a complete history including adverts from the time, photographs of installations and covers such equipment as ICT, IBM, NCR, Olivetti, Phillips, Nixdorf, Hollerith, Power Samas, Burroughs, Sinclair, Wang etc.etc.. Bill is also a trustee of Bletchley Park.

As you know Lexis Nexis (Axxia) grew through the Kienzle VRC success in the 1970s, so you may find the above extract of the book regarding solicitors’ accounting rules (office & client account) interesting. The author mentions in the last paragraph that “many talented people today working for other suppliers selling legal accounting packages started out their careers with Kienzle” . Apart from me, this list includes Simon Phelan (Elite) Roger Hudson (Pilgrim & now Lexis Nexis), Graham Mills (Thomson Reuters) David Thorpe (Peppermint Rhino?), Jitendra Valera (IRIS), Kay Betts (FWBS), Karen Hogan (Recommind),  Tina Jones (Eclipse), David Vickers (3E Conversion Consultant), etc.


Next up we have another spoof Apple advertisement – enjoy – and remember, this may be you…



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Steve Chivers, Richard Higgs, Richard Booty (OK, now he walks dogs for a living, but did start out moderately successful at Kienzle).

Programs were written in assembler rather than machine code. However, program amendments could be made by keying in the relevant machine code. Happy days!
John Bridge wrote a 4K payroll. Try doing that today.

And, of course not forgetting David McNamara – Managing Director of SOS

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