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Something for the weekend – future news and future technology

Well the Twitterverse is agog with rumours that the Old Bill will be feeling some collars in the legal IT world next week. We'll just have to wait and see on that one. And we also like the reports that RyanAir is about to move into the legal sector with the launch of a cut-price City law firm. Apparently it will be called Ryan O'Law and fee earners will have to provide their own IT and will be docked one unit of billable time whenever they go to the loo or have a cup of coffee (they will also have to bring their own coffee). We've also heard some new recruits were disappointed to find that the “City of London” offices are actually located on Canvey Island.

Finally, here's a little bit of futurology, courtesy of one of our Canadian readers who found it on a Korean website. There are some neat ideas here though we're not sure that giant fish tanks are on everyone's IT must have list. Click on the attached PowerPoint presentation.

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