OK, so the Holiday Season is over and you’ve treated yourselves to some cool gadgets but now what’s next? Let us introduce you to the Catchbox throwable microphone for audience engagement. We’ve all been there at conferences and seminars when someone in the audience asks a question and then there is an interminable wait while one of the organisers works their way through the conference hall to pass the delegate a wireless mic. And then the next question is raised by someone at the exact opposite end of the hall! Catchbox aims to overcome this problem by wrapping a wireless microphone inside of a fuzzy, padded cube that can safely be tossed, by speaker to speaker, from one end of the room to the other.

We’ve included a self-explanatory video which shows the device in use but what else do you need to know? The device is made by a Finnish start-up and while it is not planned to start shipping them until June this year, 35% of the first batch have already been presold. Current pricing is £330/€395/US$549 – and it is possible to have the cover branded with a corporate or sponsor’s logo. And please note the website address: www.getcatchbox.com – some of the other catchbox URLs out there will take you to suppliers of fresh fish – and you really wouldn’t want to be tossing wet haddock around a conference room!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apjN3xThfY8]