The people at MEDL Mobile have just sent us this announcement, which they say should appeal to our readers* with iPhones. It is called called BOINK** and is a sexual compatibility calculator that uses Bump technology to gauge how sexually connective two people will be.

The app – which is  currently available free of charge – doesn’t share contact information but instead compares the users’ profiles – and here we quote the release – “to determine how hot (or cold) they’d be together in bed. User preferences stay completely private. The app simply tells both parties how likely they are to enjoy a sexual hook up. Messages range from an enthusiastic Drop what you are doing & get to a hotel right now to a cautionary Turn & run away.”

BOINK on the Apple App Store: and here's a link to a video demo which possibly needs a parental warning/explicit content alert…

* They may have the demographic wrong as we suspect our readers are more interested in alcohol, StarWars, alcohol, Led Zeppelin and alcohol.
** American for bonk – apparently. There also appears to be a  reference to an Irish airline in the video demo though we think they've misspelled it.